New Discovery at Max Planck

I came across this article in Science Daily:

Talk to the Virtual Hands: Body Language of Both Speaker and Listener Affects Success in Virtual Reality Communication Game

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute found that “…virtual communication usually lacks the body gestures so common in face-to-face interactions”.


The researchers found that …”the lack of gestural information from both speaker and listener limits successful communication in virtual environments.”

That’s quite an insight.

They also found that “participants move much less in a virtual environment than they do in the “real world.”


One Response to New Discovery at Max Planck

  1. Hahahah.

    A bit behind the times there, especially as it was a funded project, to learn something we already know. But that’s how science works sometimes. It creates a reference in time that other scientists can link to support their work for more ground breaking stuff.

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